Counsel to the Construction Industry

At Cascone & Kluepfel, LLP, we are proud to work with members of New York’s construction industry.

Prepare. Protect. Defend.

As a member of Long Island Builders Institute, Cascone & Kluepfel, LLP counsels building owners, developers, and contractors regarding site-safety, New York’s Labor Law, OSHA compliance and New York’s Industrial Code. We also counsel on insurance-related issues, including coverage, risk assessment, risk assessment, loss prevention, loss transfer, and help draft legally enforceable insurance-procurement and indemnification clauses for construction contracts. Not only do we defend our clients against claims arising from construction accidents, but we also counsel our clients to avoid future claims and exposure. Click here to access the firm’s publication highlighting issues that those engaged in construction in New York need to address.

Having a comprehensive safety program in place can help you:

  • Prevent worksite injuries
  • Decrease your insurance premiums
  • Protect your assets
  • Increase your customers

For diligent and experienced construction industry counsel, contact Cascone & Kluepfel today.