“Timely Reporting”
    “I just wanted to compliment your office on their timely reporting.”
    “Your office does a great job on reporting on my cases.”
    “Keep up the good work. It makes my job easier”
    “That is exactly what we needed. Thanks.”
    “You advocate aggressively for our position”
    “Phenomenal trial result!”
    “It’s good to see us trying more cases especially cases in these unfavorable venues!”
    “Hands down, there is no better support team in New York City!”
    “They are results driven and are candid enough to tell us early on in a case to resolve it”
    “We sure are stronger with you on our panel.”
    “Much appreciated.”
    “Thanks for the years of great service, professionalism”
    “Mr. Cascone rates up there with the best!”
    “Mr. Cascone’s arguments on liability and damages gave plaintiff more than just food for thought.”
    “The Difference is Striking!”
    “I’m looking at the cases now and the difference is striking”
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